Hey all I'm looking for some help with buying a new laptop, I will be using it for uni (possibly a bit of gaming and other processor intensive stuff). I am keen to spend anywhere up to $1700 but I need it to last as long as possible and am obviously keen to get the most for my money. I've had a quick look of pricespy.co.nz but it wasn't too helpful as I don't have much of a grasp on what the different models of processor mean so I find it hard to compare.

The only real looking I have done so far is in a dick smiths brochure which listed an Acer AS5740G fo $1299 and a Toshiba Satellite L500/026 fo $1699, both have:

2.13Ghz Processor (intel core i3)
4GB ram
15.6" display
1GB dedicated graphics (don't know if they have the same cards)
Bonus Microsoft Office and Norton Security 
Windows 7 (not sure which version)

Are either of these a good deal and why the price difference?