Hi all
I'm currently in the market for a new laptop due to the recent demise of my HP Dv5 laptop. Using that annoying piece of crapola has really changed my priorities for buying a laptop, but can't seem to find one that specifically meets my needs.

I'm looking for something that is:
portable: 13" screen, or a fairly light & thin 15" (not superthin)
Battery life: If i can leave the thing on standby for a day while on the go, using it for four hours of lectures with battery life to spare I'll be happy, so basically something with 5hours reliable word processing & fairly basic net browsing capacity.
performance: preferably a reasonable, dual core processor, while maybe playing some games from my high-school days.
Price: $1200 approx.
It would be nice if it lasted longer than 19 months this time.

The only thing that seems to come close to these is the MacBook 13", but they're a little on the expensive side. Other options which may be close are:
Toshiba Satellite Pro U500 http://www.einfo.co.nz/shop/product_info.php?products_id=17337&ref=pricespy


dell inspiron M301z http://www1.ap.dell.com/nz/en/home/notebooks/inspiron-m301z-amd/pd.aspx?refid=inspiron-m301z-amd&s=dhs&cs=nzdhs1&~ck=mn

Any thoughts/ideas?