After a little frustration, I've finally managed to do it and this is how,

1) You'll need a small screwdriver and phillips head screwdriver.

2) You will need to stick the small screwdriver head in between the row of function keys and speaker cover. Gently and carefully unclip the speaker cover away from the keypad.

3) Once the speaker cover is off, gently remove the keypad away from the clips that are holding it in place. You'll need a screwdriver to do this. Once this has been done, rest the keypad down without having to disconnect it from the circuit board.

4) You'll see a silver cover to the right. Remove all the small phillips head screws. Lift the cover off and underneath the thin black plastic sheet is your RAM.

5) To remove RAM simply pull the two metal clips that are holding it outwards and the RAM will pop up and then you can slide it out.

6) To replace/add RAM, slide the RAM into it's slot. It can only go in one way. Once it's in, genlty press down on the RAM and it should click back into it's place. Make sure that the metal clips are holding the RAM in it's place.

7) Screw silver cover back on, put keypad back on making sure it is clipped back into it's place, put the speaker cover into the allocatd slots and gently press down and you'll hear it click into place.

Hope this can help other owners of such a crap quality notebook.