So many of you know about my past experience with hp laptops. One in particular has had overheating issues 3 times. The most recent one had meant the cooling system failed again, like the first time. Only this time it was so bad it damaged the motherboard and that needed replacing to prevent damage further down the line. So since it was out of warranty hp tried to get out of it, but I would have it and spoke to a supervisor who gave me a case manager.

He reviewed what happened and decided that it was uneconomical to repair so he would replace it free of charge. At first he offered me one that had half the specs of my last one, which I told him I would be unable to make myself accept. After he saw my proof of purchase, he ordered me a fantastic machine, 8gb ram, 2gb graphics, intel i7, bluray, beats audio and USB 3.0, and shipped it for nothing. No complaining from him, easy as chips. My warranty was out b say, 8months + so in my books, this is a brilliant outcome and shows they do care, eventually. Still not happy that it had to break 5 times with separate issues, but they fixed it completely now.

Bravo hp.

So if you have a good customer service story, share it. I love a good story haha