Hi All,

I have been noticing allot of lag lately with my Telecom connection that resulted in a few days of no internet as the port at the exchange was degrading. After 5 days of messing about with Telecom, a new port was installed at the exchange, new line filter and a new Thomson TG-585 v8 was installed.

Seems to be working ok now - my results are 

Download: 15.51 Mb/s
Upload: 0.75 Mb/s
Ping: 36ms

The Thomson is connected to the 4200 where I have all my home theater equipment connected to including the PS3.

However - I note that when playing online - it is often laggy - which happens sporadically, and is frustrating. those of you that play MW3 - I get ONE RED bar indicating our connection when it used to be 4 or 5 about 2 weeks ago.

Is there perhaps some settings I can do to optimize the gaming experience on the Thomson, 4200 or the PS3? I note it does say NAT TYPE = Strict when playing MW3 multiplayer - not sure what that is all about.

Hopefully someone else out there has the same setup and knows the tweaks to get this cranking again ;)