Right. Im new to this forum and have just seen a few questions about slow bittorrent speeds. Not sure if this has been answered, but here is my two cents.
I had slow speeds too once I switched to the go large plan, searched the internet and found a few links on improvong speeds and it works.

I use utorrent (standalone version). The secret is to enable encryption and also allow legacy connections. You must forward in your router also! I use 16881 (not standard) and get speeds of upto 100.
You can also change some connections settings inside utorrent and windows to speed tings up.
It has an inbuilt port forwarding checking tool.

Think I found the info somewhere at http://torrentfreak.com/ just search there somewhere. There is a page with improving speeds in all major clients.
Hope it helps

<edit> If need be, I will upload screen shots of router and utorrent config somewhere as I know how much slow speeds suck