I recently endured a two week long ordeal to get the visual notification (i.e. the "red dot" on the phone icon on iOS) for voicemails set up on my Spark number, instead of being notified by way of text messages and, to top it off, largely had a complaint handled in the most insulting and dilatory manner imaginable. To sum up, to ultimately get the technical side of things I wanted set up, I had to speak with about 7 different people, most of whom had zero idea what I wanted nor showed any interest in typing up notes/referring to notes, instead just demanding me to repeat my story over and over.

On the technical side of things, the two T2 support guys I spoke with were very competent and in the case of one, exceptional. The 2nd T2 guy owned the issue, ran tests, promised to call back etc and did everything promised within timeframes promised and solved my problem within the day. Prior to dealing with him , I actually lodged an online complaint both to outline the poor service I received and in the hopes that I won't have to repeat my story over and over as the complaint notes could be referred to. Unfortunately, the 2nd tier two guy advised that he could not access my online complaint.

Once I had my technical issue resolved, the subsequent contact came from another Complex Resolution team member (by e-mail), who more or less just confirmed that my technical issue was solved (well, duh). Unfortunately, my concerns regarding compensation for my wasted time and my request for having my complaint dealt with by, well, the complaints team was never answered. This was important to me as I am new to Spark and simply couldn't bear being held to a 2 year contract if this was your normal standards of service.

So I followed up with a reply e-mail outlining the further steps I had to take to get to the second tier 2 guy since making the online complaint and requested follow-up. Nothing happened for over 24 hours - no acknowledgements whatsoever. I followed up with another e-mail and then the following day someone from Spark rang around 8.30 to 9am when I was on my way to work. I asked him to call back within a specified time and this did not happen.

Ultimately I rang up this morning myself and demanded to speak with someone who could handle complaints. I reached a supervisor who (like the second tier 2 guy) finally owned the issue, actually for once properly apologised for my experience (without all the canned lines) and offered a satisfactory financial settlement. To Spark's credit, I am relieved to learn that, unlike Vodafone, where typically public humiliation (by way of detailed, firm but polite Faceboook messages outlining their utter incompetence) was the only way to get a response and resolution for anything that wasn't immediately solved, ultimately there are people who are prepared to own customer's issues and solve them.

Still, I honestly wish I didn't have to go through so many people who appeared to be so startlingly incompetent and uninterested in helping, in comparison to the two people who really rescued Spark's reputation in my eyes. And your complaints people need to handle complaints faster and more seriously. I am happy to PM my mobile number to a Spark rep on here if you are interested in looking over my notes. I will happily say that ultimately I consider the resolution offered to be excellent - it's just a pity that I had to chase up for it.