Hi guys,

I ordered an iPhone 6 64GB on Spark website ($49 open term plan) 3 weeks ago. Contacted Spark a couple of times to check out the progress as I was told different stories.

I contacted Spark again on Monday 20/10/2014 trying to figure out exactly what went wrong and I received this in the email:


"I am sorry our initial email was not clear. The delay in your order is not due to a lack of stock. Your order has been delayed because there is a technical fault affecting the transfer of your number from Prepaid to postpaid. We need to have this repaired before we can arrange the connection of your number onto an account and then we can arrange for your new mobile to be sent. 


I appreciate it is disappointing to have to wait and we are doing our best to resolve this but it will take at least five working days to resolve this. Once the fault is resolved we will continue with the order and email to confirm once it is in place. "



Has anyone experienced the same issue in the past? If you have how long did it take for them to fix?

I need to get a phone as soon as possible because my currently phone is playing up. 

Thank you.