I lost my Mac OS driver software for the Minimax modem when doing a clean install of the OS, thinking I could just download another copy.  RTWireless.co.nz doesn't seem to have it any longer, and their web site points me to Maxon Australia, who claim that they didn't develop it, and that I should contact RTWireless, who haven't gotten back to me, and it appears that they no longer support Maxon products.  (And would anyone be surprised to hear that Telecom NZ has ben no help at all?)  Maxon Australia does have Macintosh software, but I'm looking for the version that's configured specifically for use with Telecom NZ -- the Australian software doesn't work.

Does anyone know where I could find it, or is there anyone who has it who's willing to be a hero and send me a copy?  I've got this modem that I can't use any more.