Hi. I switched over to Skinny Broadband from Bigpipe. Received txts from Skinny notifying me I had been switched over. I plugged in the Huawei HG659 modem. The modem shows it is connected to the internet but none of my devices are working (access point, win 10 pc and android media player both of which are connected to modem via cable). Mobile devices can connect to the access point but no internet. The internet light on the modem does not hold steady after 5 minutes, so, following the skinny broadband help section I did a factory reset but the problem persists. I sent a couple of emails over the course of the late afternoon but haven't received any replies. I tried calling their help line but got a warning about high call volumes and gave up waiting on hold after a while.


I tried plugging the modem I was using with Bigpipe back in (TP Link N600) and it shows connected to VDSL but doing a diagnostic it fails when pinging the default gateway (not sure if that is a Bigpipe settings issue or not).


Is there anything else I can try? I fear I've made a terrible mistake switching to Skinny.