I have been trying to help a Firefox Quantum WebExtension developer to track down a bug in his WebExtension. The WebExtension is: FoxClocks & his homepage. Here is my bug report to him.


When Foxclocks Status Bar is Enabled on Bottom it is pushing up my server based webmail purple coloured menu bar thereby cutting the top 1/3 off. See Image here: http://i63.tinypic.com/2ntdbp5.jpg


To enable him to carry out tests he has requested access to my Spark Web server email site appsuite page that shows the appsuite menu bar. I am reluctant to give him my email login and password.


Does Spark have a test account or is there some other way he can test his WebExtension?




PS: just had a thought, could this be a Spark email site appsuite page problem? cause I can not duplicate on other sites that have a top menu bar on their page.


EDIT: edited out large spacing