Are any other spark customers in the area experiencing connection problems?



We see connection issues when band 3 or 7 is selected as the primary component carrier and carrier aggregation is triggered.



If you are in the area, you can test the above by logging in to your smart modem web page, clicking on the 'Network Status' tab looking at the section under 'Mobile Radio Info' and checking the value for PCC. If it is band 3 or 7 and an ookla speed test is performed, we see the link destroyed when carrier aggregation attempts to add a SCC.


Interestingly, when band 3 or 7 is used as SCC and the primary is band 1 or 28, this seems to work fine.



We are having trouble communicating with customer support.


They seem fixated on a previous power issue at the site, which was remediated during scheduled maintenance months ago.



If you are experiencing similar issues, please feel free to let me know.


I will do everything i can to help escalate.