I had a server that i hosted my website on, which also had LAN. The connection was okay. I sdidn't encounter any problem until I decided to separate the LAN and host the website with a live IP on different PCs. I did so using a Switch. I now have two server PCs, one that host my website with a live IP and the other is for LAN and internet connection with private IP, all from one ISP.The website is a webbased SMS portal which is connected to an SQL database in my sever and integrated with an SMPP engine to send messages. Now each time i put the two PC's on, and the internet connection is enabled. It works for a while and then the connection stops going. This happens every moment of each hour. When i ping, it show request timed out. But when I disable one of the internet connection from either of the PC, one starts going but it works better on the PC with a private IP and LAN, when the one that host the website is disabled. I can modify and update data from my admin page if it is connected to the internet, changes made are updated on the SQL database on my sever so I also noticed that each time I try to logon to the admin section of my website on any computer that is connected to internet in my office, the connection stops working on both servers. I ping again and it says request timed out. Sometimes i shut down and restart and it works again but after a while the same thing happens. I can't keep shutting down and restarting. Please I need help.