Some nice prices, especially the 6225. (not 6255 sorry!)

Sanyo 4920 $149 (maybe this was store only?)
Nokia 6225's at $149 WOW!
Hyundai TX115 at $199
Nokia 6015 (colour version of the 2280 but with nice buttons) $129.
Samsung colour N361 at $99 (does not store words to predictive TXT though)

some phones that really need to drap that haven't are

that bl00dy 2 year old Nokia 2280 with it's horrid battery life. It costs more than it's replacment.
Nokia 6585 cameraless and $100 than the 6225.
Samsung N391. itt's a really good phone apart from the predictive TXT but getting too old.

no harriers!!!! I was expecting them to drop to $499.. i'll keep my eyes peeled and post here if any joy!!!