Hi all

I bought my father-in-law a Telecom R100 for Christmas plus a Plantronics Bluetooth headset. He is a taxi driver and needs a reliable handsfree solution but unfortunately the R100 is not cutting it - the connection drops frequently and is just not reliable. To rule out the headset we paired it with an iPhone, a Sony Ericsson w508, a Samsung
something-or-other and my iMac and all of these devices kept on communicating with the headset even when I was in another room. The R100 however drops out even within a metre of eachother, so I think we can rule out the headset. I'm about to take it back but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has used a Bluetooth headset with this phone and how they have found it -- trying to figure out if it's faulty or if these are just crappy phones as far as BT goes.