I've been trying to get this to work for some time via the connection manager.

I know that the instructions on this thread


do work, but by shutting down the connection manager you lose your signal strength meter and the ability to text from the software.

So I have been doing some work that allows the software to work better with XT however you ultimately still need to use the windows dialler to make the connection:

The latest connection manager is you can download it here


Firstly when the connection manager detects telecom xt it automatically loads the generic europe firmware into the gobi card, kinda stupid really when it effectively stops access to the 850mhz network, so I have changed it to load the telstra firmware when XT is detected.

Secondly when it detected XT the default APN was internet.telecom.nz.co - some id10t obviously didn't get this right when they put the package together so it's now fixed - however it still won't connect.

Once you've loaded the 2 files below you'll be able to keep your connection manager open to turn on and off the gobi, text and check signal strength but you'll need to connect using a dial up connection (you may need to create it useing the AT commands above)

Instructions for loading the files:

Download and install the latest connection manager SP45134.exe

download the updated files for XT from here


Copy and replace the 2 files into the folder:

c:\program files\hewlett-packard\hp connection manager

Once files replaced - restart the connection manager

Hope this helps someone.

If anyone can help to make the thing connect it would be greatly appreciated.