Seeing that a lot of people is now using the TNZ Apache (a.k.a. Sprint PPC-6700), I thought it would be good to give some "orientation" on using it as a modem for your laptop, Tablet PC or even desktop.

First, the TNZ Apache can be used as a Bluetooth modem. If your computer has Bluetooth, simply pair the devices (start from your computer, is better), and use the DUN service offered by your Apache. The number to dial is #777, and for Telecom New Zealand the username is mobile@jamamobile, password telecom.

Now, this is great, but... Bluetooth is usually limited by the speed of your serial connection (115kbps), which is much less than the average the Apache will get on CDMA EV-DO (abot 500kbps to 700kbps depending on location, number of users, etc). It will also use your batteries faster.

An alternative is to use it via USB. The advantage here is that it will keep the Apache charging over USB while in use! You need the same driver and program used with the TNZ Harrier (download and instructions here).

The original USB cable can be used, or a minisync cable for PPC-6700 will work as well (while there why not look at the screen protector for PPC-6700?). I just got these two items for my TNZ Apache...

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