Success at last.

Managed to install 3 of my own created ringtones: The Troggs - Wild Thing, Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, & Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Suite.

Found wavepad 1.2 - - basic freeware version, did everything. After a bit of experimentation I was able to sample my mp3s into a 30 second sound bite, copy and paste to a new file within wavepad - sample rate 22050, chanels Mono (this keeps the size down to between 110 and 140kbs), edited out any unwanted silence and Save As an m4a format. This is where you change the bitrate to 32kbits.

Kept it with 100kb for 2 main reasons - telecoms 0.05 cents/kb wap charge and takes up your 5600 internal memory. That telecom charge works out only a little more than their charge for downloading true tones.

Here's a great American upload site - - just browse your local drive for the m4a file, put in a short simple title, load your cell number (not really important - any number will do). The resize jpeg for handset use the drop down and select your sanyo 5600. Click send.

Though the say they'll text you, they never do.

The important part is under the status is a URL. Using your phones wap broswser, go to this and download. Couple of seconds later it'll be on ya phone so set as you require.