Hi Folks,
In August last year after tolerating a badly performing Broadband service in a rural area, close to Leeston in Canterbury for some 18 months, in order to test my sanity, I dropped into this forum looking for feedback/help.
 I got some great feedback from a number of "Gurus" and finally I had some help from QRaider who was able to "organise" some manpower to finally get this issue resolved. We had a number of visits from various technicians during a period of two weeks or so and the last tech who dropped by was like a dog with a bone and over a two day period was able to determine that we had a nasty OLD circular style connection box at the top of the telephone pole that was "ours" that was completely random in terms of terminating the phone pair from house and redirecting it to the underground connector at bottom of pole and additionally we had a completely useless pair connection from connector to joint at underground cable at bottom of pole. The connection box was eventually replaced with a rectangular new item and new cable from top of pole to underground cable connection point was made.

The effort of this guy was tremendous and I just wanted to go public to say THANKS to all after 1 year it has never let us down and we are very appreciative of this forum in making it happen!

We went from a typical performance throughput/speed of as low as 750 downstream and 2-300 upstream to absolutely consistent figures as below...

Item                 Downstream                             Upstream                         Unit
SNR Margin              12                                         13                               dB
Line Attenuation       34                                         18                                dB
Data Rate               6912                                      768                              kbps

In these days when we like to put the boot in.. just wanted to reinforce that persistence from our part and a never give up attitude from this particular chorus person has worked.

One happy chappie

thanks to all...