This is a little bit of information for those people who had their XT Non-stop Text plan end on 31 Jan 2011.

If you were on Non-stop Text you would have received a text from Telecom notifying you that Non-stop Text was to end on 31 Jan 2011 and that you would be automatically be changed to Text Anyone 2500. For the most part this is true, however I have since found that the change over from Non-stop text to Text Anyone 2500 was not instantaneous.

Today when I checked my number of sent messages on *333, the number of texts I had sent did not match up with my record of sent texts on my phone. I quickly discovered that Text Anyone 2500 was not active until the 5th of February and therefore all text messages I had sent between 1 Feb 2011 and 5 Feb 2011 had been changed at 20c per message and did not count towards any text plan.

After ringing *123 and talking to someone at the Telecom Call Centre they had a look at my account activity and agreed to refund (credit) me with the cost of the text messages that I sent which were not included in any text plan during the changeover period, and as a bit of an apology they are also going to credit me with an extra $12 bonus credit for the delay.

I think this issue might have affected a lot of XT customers without them even knowing about it, as my flat-mate and a number of friends have experienced the same problem and did not have a clue.

For most people it probably isn't a big deal, but still worth a mention I think.

Telecom seem happy enough to refund any credit that was "wasted" so if this affects you give *123 a call.