Hi guys. We bought a Dell latitude E5410 laptop directly from dell with the 5540 WWAN card. According to dell support page, it supports 3G 850MHz frequency for telecom. Tried a vodafone sim card and connected fine. Inserted an XT sim card and it sees the network with full signal bars but when I hit the connect button, it connects for may be half a second and then disconnects straight away.

I updated the WWAN card drivers from Dell's website and rebooted the laptop after that but still same issue. Checked the APN and it's internet.telecom.co.nz which is correct. Also tried direct.telecom.co.nz and same issue. Also tried the windows 7 built in wifi utility which sees the XT network will good signal but when I hit the connect button, it states that APN is incorrect but double checked the properties and it states internet.telecom.co.nz

Prior to this, bought couple of HP 5502 and 5503 netbooks with 3G card installed and to get XT running had to update the WWAN drivers and install the latest mobile broadband manager software on them and it was good to go with the same APN (internet.telecom.co.nz). Even the windows 7 wifi manager works fine though I did had to add the APN in it manually since it was blank.

any one ever successfully connected the 5540 card to the XT network for more than a second? suggestions?        

I have tried multiple working XT sims with the 5540 card btw so rules out faulty sim.