Hello folks...

More and more in the last few months I've been looking for people here on Geekzone that are in specific locations. Sometimes I want to pass on some opportunity (like the old Freeview blog and the ongoing TelecomTech blog sponsored by Telecom) but there are some requirements (such as specific city, or specific country, etc).

I am currently planning an event for Geekzone users in a specific city, and found a good number of people who had their profile updated... But I'm sure there are plenty more who think "why bother entering city?"

Well, make sure you update your profile with as much information as possible (you can left your name out if you worry about this showing up in search results) because in the next couple of days I will be contacting some people to ask for their participation in something interesting.

On a related note, if you are worried that your Geekzone profile comes up when you search for your name, just remove that information from your profile and in a few days the result will disappear (some people actually asked me to close accounts because of this).