Hello folks... Some of you may have noticed in the last few weeks an increase in login notifications through email sent directly by our service provider ThisData.


In short we use ThisData to identify strange behaviour in user accounts - currently only at login time. 


If something is "strange" then you might receive an email asking "Was that you?"


Until now these were notifications only and a way to train the AI behind the service.


From now on if you receive such notification and click the "NO, IT WASN'T ME" button we will terminate ALL your Geekzone sessions and lock the offending IP address for a period of time.


I will work a bit more on this during the weekend and the next step will be to remove the account password so a password reset will be required before the user can regain access to this account.


In the few months we've been running this only two notifcations were marked as "NO, IT WASN'T ME" and one of then by mistake.


Also, if you want to check your current pageview security status you can open this page. This gives you the status on the page load, not at the login time (I imagine a bad actor wouldn't bother with the status and most of you will see it green).