I would like to start off by saying that this proposed website has absolutely no competition. There is one other site that barely scratches the surface of my proposal, but is not user friendly nor is it in depth. My attempts to use it was so annoying (and irrelevant) that I gave up and I could not see any benefits whatsoever to any subscribers or users.

We are looking for an investor, or someone who would like to invest in a website business. This investor may have IT skills to build the site, or maybe someone with a cash flow to get it up and running. I had advertised on a geek forum to try and locate a whiz with websites to no avail. I would prefer a New Zealand investor for the simple fact I want to build a working relationship with that person.

Basic run down of my proposal.

There are approx one thousand companies that this site is directed at. They will become users that log on to the site with their own user account. This login allows them to upload photo’s and txt.

The next point is members (general public) join. This is a free site. Most members have a search capability only and limits visits to the site. However, some will insist on becoming paying members. This allows them to upload a photo and txt and have unlimited visits.

The results of the members search, that information is directed to the user whom listed the query.

This site has nothing what so ever to do with soliciting for clients, selling products, advertising products (although users can advertise) or a chat room type site, yet this site will attract many companies by the need of the service. It will become a tool in which they will all want to use on a regular basis and will become part of the routine. This is something unique and they will wonder why it has not been made available before.

Income from the site comes from users listing fees, members fees and advertising revenue.

User listings Type One cost $14.95 each. User listings Type Two cost $6.95. Membership (general public) is $19.95 and entitles them to one query.

The beautiful thing about paying for a query listing is that it is an investment, it would slash losses off the bottom line for the users. This is a win plus for users and members. (Members also gain hard cash incentives that is not paid by our site)

I predict 20 users listing Type One an average of 100 queries per month. $29,900.00 monthly.

200 users listing Type Two 5 queries per month $6950.00 per month

800 users Type One and Two queries 2 per month $16,000 per month

Private members subscribing around 100 per month $2000.00

The first 2 months I predict we can get enough users on board producing an income of $13,000.00 for the two month period. The success of the site will promote itself.

I foresee that the site could generate $55,000.00 per month after 12 months with massive potential for growth. There is no problem why this can not be introduced to Australia and beyond using our system.

I will not beat around the bush, unless of course it is letting on about details of the website. I have come up with an awesome idea and have put the working model on paper. I have no way of financing the project, yet I have the time to do the footwork and market the site. I would need $5000 - $10,000 to get this into a marketable stage in exchange for a percentage of the company.

Contact jomcl1@gmail.com for further information