I am looking at transferring my domain from GoDaddy.com to WebDrive.co.nz... the whole nine yard, webhosting + emails + domain registration...

However my biggest concern is the email down time... I would like to avoid that as much as possible.

I have got my WebDrive.co.nz account set up, with mailboxes and mail-forwards set up and ready. I even have a dyndns's Mailhop Backup MX set...

However, I am not sure if i got the setup right or not.

At GoDaddy, I have Total DNS Control, and I added Mailhop Backup MX server to MX record as:
20 @ mx2.mailhop.org 3600

the existing MX records are as:
10 @ mailstore1.secureserver.net 3600
0 @ smtpsecureserver.net 3600

(note: I am not very sure whether GoDaddy's mailstore1.secureserver.net is a backup MX or not, because GoDaddy.com said they don't provide backup MX... hence I got DynDNS's MailHop backup MX).

Anyhow, my concern now is... if i initiate NS change from GoDaddy.com to WebDrive.co.nz, will this configuration work for capturing email before they gone lost? Should I set up MX record with webdrive.co.nz as well?

Please HELP!