Notable absence: Mauricio.
Topic(s): Lots of things
Notes: Gave away a Microsoft Windows Backpack and announced Xtra Wired Network Pack Winner. Chat was unruly, and this log is heavily filtered :-P We had fun, come join us next time...

[20:00] * Cokemaster changes topic to 'Geekzone - | Chat in session! - Todays spoils:  Giving away a Microsoft Backpack with Windows logo... (and announce winner of Xtra Wired Network kit) | Troll like you did last summer....'
[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> time
[20:00] <Cokemaster> Ok
[20:00] <Cokemaster> How do we start off
[20:00] <tonyhughes> uhhh welcome to chat everybody!!
[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> hi everybody!
[20:00] <tonyhughes> :-)
[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> hi dr nick!
[20:00] <tonyhughes> long time no see
[20:00] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:00] <GZNeoTech> greetings all
[20:00] <GZNeoTech> it's been a while
[20:00] <Cokemaster> MF is absent | Brad is either AWOL or late.....
[20:00] <JAMMAN2110> has indeed
[20:01] <tonyhughes> How about $19.95 broadband from orcon?
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> brads MIA
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:01] <Cokemaster> It is a step in the right direction I think
[20:01] <Cokemaster> But
[20:01] <tonyhughes> $149 charge cap isnt much protection
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> thats rediculous
[20:01] <Cokemaster> And with only 200mb on the cap... its stupid
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Better off on dialup
[20:01] <tonyhughes> yeah
[20:01] <JAMMAN2110> proabably faster too ;)
[20:01] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:02] <tonyhughes> patches and updates for AV, spyware and OS eats that up
[20:02] <Cokemaster> I remember pulling down cd images on dialup
[20:02] <GZNeoTech> don't ihug and xtra have price caps on the entry plans?
[20:02] <Cokemaster> Would have easily done 200mb+ a week
[20:02] <tonyhughes> xtra dont
[20:02] * Bon[K]erS ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:02] <tonyhughes> hmmm
[20:02] <Cokemaster> Ihug do though
[20:02] <JAMMAN2110> 200mb a day
[20:02] <GZNeoTech> ihug have like a $60 cap
[20:02] <tonyhughes> I want full rate adsl
[20:03] <tonyhughes> 40GB up and 40GB down
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> naked dsl
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Yep
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Same
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Naked dsl is a must
[20:03] <tonyhughes> and I will pay $70
[20:03] <tonyhughes> naked
[20:03] <GZNeoTech> $70 is a fair prie
[20:03] <tonyhughes> or $30 + line
[20:03] <GZNeoTech> price
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> lol you'll pay it naked? - from the comfort of your computer
[20:03] <Fraktul> why up and down?
[20:03] <GZNeoTech> why not?
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> why not up and down?
[20:03] <tonyhughes> or 80GB total
[20:03] <tonyhughes> just looking for realistic numbers
[20:03] <Fraktul> yeah why not just 80gb total
[20:04] <JAMMAN2110> 60 down 40 up?
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Logically you'd download more...
[20:04] <Fraktul> well more to the point, why differintiate
[20:04] 3*** Joins : sbiddle (*!*
[20:04] <NokiaRocks{Away}> remove upload caps
[20:04] <tonyhughes> hi sbiddle
[20:04] <JAMMAN2110> touche
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Hello, sbiddle
[20:04] <tonyhughes> id rasther have an upload cap
[20:04] <GZNeoTech> hi sbiddle
[20:04] <tonyhughes> and be allowed to run servers
[20:04] <tonyhughes> of any type
[20:04] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:04] <Fraktul> isps down buy asymmetric data from national and international transit providers
[20:04] <tonyhughes> except open smtp of course
[20:04] <Fraktul> so no point differentiating between the two
[20:05] <sbiddle> evening
[20:05] <Fraktul> down=dont
[20:05] <JAMMAN2110> first real chat without userplane! :D
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:05] <tonyhughes> yay irc
[20:05] <sbiddle> a bit late this evening, about to throw my router at the wall! :-)
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:05] <Fraktul> sorry typing via vnc and then vnc again, bit laggy
[20:05] <JAMMAN2110> i did that with my xtra modem
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Well
[20:06] <tonyhughes> Folks the winner of the Xtra Wired Network Kit is....
[20:06] <tonyhughes> David Whittaker (scooter8), from Auckland, New Zealand
[20:06] <GZNeoTech> congrats David
[20:06] <Cokemaster> Is he here?
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lucky him
[20:06] <tonyhughes> nope
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:06] <sbiddle> Anybody on here got a WRT54g and used 3rd party firmware?
[20:07] <Fraktul> where did you enter?
[20:07] <Cokemaster> There was a form
[20:07] <tonyhughes> on Geekzone
[20:07] <Cokemaster> But its too late now
[20:07] <Fraktul> main page?
[20:07] <tonyhughes> yip, just a wee bit
[20:07] <GZNeoTech> ahh well
[20:07] <tonyhughes> who did enter?
[20:07] <Cokemaster> I did
[20:07] <JAMMAN2110> i wanted to withdraw from the comp anyway ... ditching xtra and TC and all
[20:07] <tonyhughes> forums... and a blog post abou tit
[20:07] <tonyhughes> ditch xtra or ditched ADSL?
[20:08] <Cokemaster> both
[20:08] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> ditch both - cable
[20:08] <tonyhughes> ahh
[20:08] <tonyhughes> no adsl router for you!
[20:08] <GZNeoTech> at least you have a choice
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> in about 2 - 3 weeks
[20:08] <tonyhughes> mmm no cable here neither
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> you could always move :P
[20:08] * tonyhughes is in Hawkes Bay
[20:08] <tonyhughes> and aint movin
[20:08] <tonyhughes> :-P
[20:08] <GZNeoTech> me either
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:08] <NokiaRocks{Away}> hawkes bay... what a hole
[20:08] * GZNeoTech in auckland
[20:09] <Cokemaster> Its not that bad
[20:09] <tonyhughes> its great
[20:09] * Fraktul auckland also
[20:09] <GZNeoTech> sunny
[20:09] <GZNeoTech> in hawkes bay
[20:09] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:09] <Cokemaster> Brads missing out on the fun
[20:09] <GZNeoTech> Auckland gets everything 'cept snow
[20:09] <tonyhughes> very
[20:09] <Cokemaster> So
[20:09] <GZNeoTech> geekie stuff
[20:10] <GZNeoTech> not weather
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Next topic: Voda you choose term changes: Love them or hate them?
[20:10] <Fraktul> it snowed once on the waitakrie (sp) ranges i think
[20:10] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:10] <tonyhughes> ok
[20:10] <JAMMAN2110> anyone here in lower hutt that wants one of 4 copies of ubuntu? (CD)
[20:10] <NokiaRocks{Away}> sure
[20:10] 3*** Joins : bradstewart (*!* -- (Operator Status: Janitor)
[20:10] <cokebot> [bradstewart]: Cokebot got owned by bradstewart
[20:10] <sbiddle> The changes are at least better than what they had
[20:10] <GZNeoTech> had snow here onece years ago also
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Indeed
[20:10] <bradstewart> apolgies
[20:10] <tonyhughes> would consider you choose on open term
[20:10] <GZNeoTech> heya Brad
[20:10] <tonyhughes> but i will never sign a contract
[20:10] <sbiddle> But still crap. I don't want a term
[20:10] <tonyhughes> im open term telecom
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Same
[20:10] <Cokemaster> I'm on a 12 month term currently
[20:10] <Fraktul> i want a cheaper 3g data plan
[20:10] <bradstewart> open term
[20:10] <JAMMAN2110> yuck telecom
[20:10] <tonyhughes> wb brad
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Ah
[20:11] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v sbiddle
[20:11] <bradstewart> sorry for the lateness
[20:11] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v bradstewart
[20:11] <Cokemaster> 11 minutes late bradstewart
[20:11] <GZNeoTech> think I'm going to be um..'in negotiations' with telecom soon.. then might have to go to voda
[20:11] <Fraktul> say 14.95 for 1gb
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Don't worry
[20:11] <JAMMAN2110> 14.95s a bit much dont you think?
[20:11] <bradstewart> 9 actually
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:11] <tonyhughes> $15 for 1gb of data is low(ish)
[20:11] <Cokemaster> 49.95 is a step in the right direction I think
[20:11] <Cokemaster> Compared to what they used to be
[20:11] <tonyhughes> yes it is
[20:11] <JAMMAN2110> could be lower considering
[20:11] <GZNeoTech> agrred
[20:12] <Fraktul> no if too many people use it then it will overload the rf gear
[20:12] <tonyhughes> you can still pay $8 per meg though
[20:12] * GZNeoTech snaps spelling fingers
[20:12] <sbiddle> I refuse to sign a contract with a company as disfunctional as Vodafone. They can't even reply to emails or answer a billing issue from January
[20:12] <bradstewart> lol @ sbiddle, u still having probs?
[20:12] * geekbot sets mode +spell #geekzone GZNeotech
[20:12] <sbiddle> yip, they are still overcharing people for WAP and won't answer my questions
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Yep
[20:12] <Cokemaster> I've still got that issue
[20:13] <bradstewart> thats rather shocking
[20:13] <sbiddle> What issue have you got?
[20:13] <JAMMAN2110> im still being overcharged for that
[20:13] <sbiddle> (an't remember)
[20:13] <bradstewart> me 2. $50/mb
[20:13] <Cokemaster> Everytime I connect to GPRS (voda live)... I get the minimum charge 10c for the session
[20:13] <JAMMAN2110> sh ite im not getting charged that much!
[20:13] <Cokemaster> because apparently I connect to a non voda live site
[20:13] <bradstewart> and thats your fault?
[20:13] <JAMMAN2110> VFL is supposed to be free to browse
[20:13] <Cokemaster> Its annoying because it happens when I send/get MMS's too
[20:14] <JAMMAN2110> MMSs is where i found the problem
[20:14] <bradstewart> have they actually tried to do anything?
[20:14] <JAMMAN2110> ppl on 777 are unhelpful
[20:14] <sbiddle> Mine is that Vodafone charge you 6c per 10kb once you go over your data plan cap. excess WAP should only be charged at excess data rate plan - data gets correctly charged at 2c/10kb
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Ah ok
[20:14] <sbiddle> This is apparently "how it is"
[20:14] <JAMMAN2110> nice vodafone man gave me a database techs umber .. lost it :(
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Tried solutions support?
[20:14] <JAMMAN2110> they need a good slap
[20:15] <sbiddle> Despite it saying everywhere that excess data and excess WAP is charged at data rates
[20:15] * bradstewart slaps vodafone
[20:15] <JAMMAN2110> solutions support?
[20:15] <sbiddle> 4 x calls to solution support
[20:15] <Cokemaster> Ah
[20:15] <sbiddle> they finally rang me back after 3 promised calls
[20:15] <tonyhughes> Ok folks, we scientifically selected a winner for the Microsoft Windows backpack (used Leisa as a random number generator and went down the userlist!)... winner is sbiddle PM me your address....
[20:15] <Cokemaster> :)
[20:15] <Cokemaster> Well done
[20:15] <GZNeoTech> congrats sbiddle
[20:15] <bradstewart> AGAIN!!!!!
[20:15] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:15] <sbiddle> I don't think it's fair winning another chat prize.
[20:15] <JAMMAN2110> yay for sbiddle
[20:15] <sbiddle> you can redraw it
[20:16] <bradstewart> hes very lucky
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Are you suggesting corruption in the GZ ranks, bradstewart ?
[20:16] <Fraktul> lol
[20:16] <bradstewart> noooo never
[20:16] <tonyhughes> only have to ask once.... redrawing now
[20:16] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:16] <GZNeoTech> if it's random, it's random
[20:16] <bradstewart> i was just being sarcastic lol
[20:16] <JAMMAN2110> random repetitions?
[20:16] <Cokemaster> So was I
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Hmmm
[20:17] <tonyhughes> bradstewart you got it
[20:17] <bradstewart> and the winner is.......
[20:17] <bradstewart> LOL!!!
[20:17] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:17] <Cokemaster> You're too slow bradstewart
[20:17] <bradstewart> oh wow thats wicked
[20:17] <GZNeoTech> congrats Brad
[20:17] <tonyhughes> for the record - that WAS random
[20:17] <NokiaRocks{Away}> corruption, redraw it
[20:17] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:17] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Aye
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Well done brad
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> lol well dones
[20:17] <bradstewart> haha, no fair drawing. no corruption here
[20:17] <GZNeoTech> well it can't be me..
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Now he says it..... :P
[20:17] <tonyhughes> pm me your address brad
[20:17] <bradstewart> ;)
[20:18] <GZNeoTech> well done
[20:18] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:18] <bradstewart> heh
[20:19] <bradstewart> i can wear it to work
[20:19] <tonyhughes> you will be so cool
[20:19] <bradstewart> true geek style
[20:19] <tonyhughes> people will think you are bill gates or something
[20:19] <Cokemaster> While putting a linux/mac laptop in it
[20:19] <tonyhughes> haHhAhAHah!@coke
[20:19] 3*** Joins : tjh (*!*
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> billy probably does that too
[20:19] <sbiddle> catch you guys later, I'm off to try and sort my router problems!
[20:19] <Cokemaster> Ah ok
[20:19] <Cokemaster> Have fun
[20:19] <tonyhughes> cya sbiddle
[20:19] <Cokemaster> Muppets
[20:19] <Cokemaster> :P
[20:19] * tjh is now known as muppet
[20:19] <tonyhughes> tjh welcome
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> night sbiddle
[20:19] <muppet> Hello
[20:19] <cokebot> Hi there
[20:19] <tonyhughes> wohoo
[20:20] * Cokemaster sets mode: +v muppet
[20:20] * sbiddle ( Quit (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:20] <GZNeoTech> hiya muppet
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> Net2phones suing skype! :(
[20:20] <Cokemaster> You just missed both the draws :(
[20:20] <bradstewart> brb, have to go get wood in for fire
[20:20] <tonyhughes> !google net2phone sues skype
[20:20] <GZNeoTech> net2phone's been around for years
[20:20] <geekbot> [Google] #1 Net2Phone sues Skype for patent infringement - Yahoo! News ( )
[20:20] <geekbot> [Google] Desc: Net2Phone, the Internet telephone unit of IDT Corp. (IDTc.N) has filed a lawsuit against eBay Inc.'s Skype Internet telephone unit, accusing the unit of ...
[20:20] <bradstewart> who won the router?
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110>
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> "Net2phone is suing Skype for patent infringement, arguing Skype violated patent 6,108,704 for 'the exchange of IP addresses between processing units in order to establish a direct communications link between the devices via the Internet.'"
[20:20] <Cokemaster> Yay for patents
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:21] <bradstewart> router winner?
[20:21] <bradstewart> winner of router was?
[20:21] <GZNeoTech> david wasn't it?
[20:21] <GZNeoTech> [20:05] <tonyhughes> David Whittaker (scooter8), from Auckland, New Zealand
[20:21] <tonyhughes> David Whittaker (scooter8), from Auckland, New Zealan
[20:21] <GZNeoTech> him too
[20:21] <bradstewart> whos that?
[20:21] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:22] <tonyhughes> someone who actually entered LOL
[20:22] <Cokemaster> A lucky member
[20:22] <bradstewart> oh, a newbie?
[20:22] <Cokemaster> I haven't seen many of his posts
[20:22] <bradstewart> brb
[20:22] <tonyhughes> we have lots of long time members who just lurk the forums
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Better than lottos !
[20:22] <JAMMAN2110> lol has he even posted?
[20:22] <Fraktul> wtf
[20:22] <Fraktul> how could they patent that
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Quite easily
[20:22] <Fraktul> its already in the public domain
[20:22] <JAMMAN2110> you can patent anything these days
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Welcome to Amerika
[20:23] <JAMMAN2110> i patent GZ chat!
[20:23] <Cokemaster> I patent communication between two or more devices
[20:23] <GZNeoTech> well net2phone have been around for a long time.. maybe they did 'invent' it?
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Defensive patents
[20:23] <bradstewart> i patent communication
[20:23] <JAMMAN2110> lol @ neo ... i thought the internet invented that
[20:23] <tonyhughes> i patent bradstewart
[20:23] <Cokemaster> I patent life!
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Beat that!
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> i patent earth
[20:24] * muppet ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:24] <Cokemaster> You're all in violation of my patent, please die now
[20:24] <Cokemaster> Or be sued
[20:24] * tonyhughes is half yank
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> sue you in a minute coke :P
[20:24] <GZNeoTech> the good half?
[20:24] <tonyhughes> but happily travels on a NZ passport
[20:25] <GZNeoTech> mates a yank.. but lived here all his life.. good bloke
[20:25] <Cokemaster> So, did anyone get to the bottom of that thread about Telecom charging for non-connected calls?
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> lol trust you
[20:25] <GZNeoTech> coke.. um.. work in progress..
[20:25] <tonyhughes> mmmm needs mainstream media coverage to embarrass telecom into action
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Did you have the same problem, bradstewart
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:26] <Fraktul> is this to b parties in their own network?
[20:26] <GZNeoTech> media? funny you should say that
[20:26] <Fraktul> or other networks
[20:26] <tonyhughes> why?
[20:26] <GZNeoTech> the OP has been contacted by the media
[20:26] <Fraktul> if the b party is in other networks it may be the other network is not doing some ss7 complient and has screwed up
[20:26] <Fraktul> not telecom
[20:26] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:26] <bradstewart> yes i had that prob
[20:26] <Fraktul> something
[20:27] <tonyhughes> hmmm
[20:27] <tonyhughes> mainstream media reading geekzone?
[20:27] <GZNeoTech> via a PM in GZ
[20:27] <Cokemaster> Ah
[20:27] <tonyhughes> could be fun
[20:27] <Fraktul> the other netwokr may signal the call is connected even though it not properly
[20:27] <GZNeoTech> same network
[20:27] <tonyhughes> we could engineer a hoax....
[20:27] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:27] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:27] <bradstewart> it only happen when calling VF
[20:27] <Cokemaster> Would be damaging
[20:28] <tonyhughes> yeah
[20:28] <Fraktul> if its the same network then thats a different story :)
[20:28] <tonyhughes> but fun!!
[20:28] <Cokemaster> I remember calling Xtra about the LLU and they hang up on me
[20:28] <Cokemaster> hung*
[20:28] <bradstewart> hahahahahahaha
[20:28] <tonyhughes> did we mention the fun part???
[20:28] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:28] <JAMMAN2110> lol coke, u didnt record that did you?
[20:28] <Cokemaster> No, my p910 doesn't record :(
[20:28] <Cokemaster> My SE Z600 does though... but I wasn't using that
[20:28] <GZNeoTech> always the way
[20:29] <Cokemaster> So
[20:29] <bradstewart> try again
[20:29] <Cokemaster> How are people finding IRC
[20:29] <Cokemaster> Nicer than userplane?
[20:29] <GZNeoTech> easy.. did a search for it in tucows and there it was
[20:29] <Fraktul> same as i have for the last 10 years :P
[20:29] <GZNeoTech> ;)
[20:29] <Fraktul> ./me goes back to ideling
[20:29] <GZNeoTech> first time I've used it in 10 years and it hasn't changed
[20:29] <tonyhughes> i am enjoying it
[20:30] <Cokemaster> Yes but if you had a choice between IRC and userplane... what would you choose
[20:30] <Cokemaster> I'm personally for IRC
[20:30] <Fraktul> irc
[20:30] <GZNeoTech> irc
[20:30] <bradstewart> irc
[20:30] <GZNeoTech> no question
[20:30] <JAMMAN2110> irc
[20:30] <tonyhughes> can leave IRC on all day, its only my router thats killing me at present
[20:30] <Cokemaster> IRC... the tribe has spoken
[20:30] <JAMMAN2110> routers are killing us all
[20:30] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:30] <tonyhughes> we have had FAR more IRC activity (even discounting me and cokemaster and our bots) than we did on userplane
[20:30] <bradstewart> yeah same issue
[20:30] <Cokemaster> Too many people signed up for the free connection/free modem-router deal I see
[20:30] <bradstewart> thats cos its better
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:31] <Cokemaster> And we can record that, thanks to irc stats programs :)
[20:31] <Fraktul> routers are you friend
[20:31] <tonyhughes> Leisa wants half your backpack brad
[20:31] <Cokemaster> LOL
[20:31] <bradstewart> which half?
[20:31] <tonyhughes> cause she chose your position on the (l)user list
[20:31] <GZNeoTech> here.. borrow my knife
[20:31] <bradstewart> lol
[20:31] <Cokemaster> The top half
[20:31] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:31] <Cokemaster> No
[20:31] <tonyhughes> "the front bit, you get the straps"
[20:31] <Cokemaster> LOL
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Sorry bradstewart better luck next time
[20:31] <bradstewart> i might have to respectfully decline that request
[20:32] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:32] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:32] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:32] <cokebot> New stats available for #geekzone! See the #geekzone stats:
[20:32] <cokebot> Don't forget to hit refresh in your browser.
[20:32] <Cokemaster> Thats the point
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:33] 3*** Joins : riahon (*!*
[20:33] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Listen to us!
[20:33] <Cokemaster> We command you
[20:33] <tonyhughes> welcome riahon
[20:33] <GZNeoTech> hiya riahon
[20:33] <JAMMAN2110> woo im number 2!
[20:34] <riahon> hiya guys
[20:34] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v riahon
[20:34] <cokebot> mIRCStats update for #geekzone complete! See the #geekzone stats:
[20:34] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v JAMMAN2110
[20:34] <bradstewart> lol jamman dont have voice? he been naughty?
[20:34] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:34] <Cokemaster> Hes been a naughty boy
[20:34] <NokiaRocks{Away}> nasty
[20:34] * GZNeoTech slaps JAMMAN2110 around a bit with a large trout
[20:34] <Cokemaster> Come here JAMMAN2110, you have to be punished
[20:34] <bradstewart> oh geez
[20:35] <GZNeoTech> errr
[20:35] <Fraktul> wrong
[20:35] * JAMMAN2110 was kicked by geekbot (stop being naughty)
[20:35] 3*** Joins : JAMMAN2110 (*!*
[20:35] * NokiaRocks{Away} is now known as NokiaRocks
[20:35] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> i did what now?
[20:35] * JAMMAN2110 was kicked by geekbot (stop asking questions)
[20:35] <NokiaRocks> you were naughty
[20:35] 3*** Joins : JAMMAN2110 (*!*
[20:35] <cokebot> [JAMMAN2110]: The mod-master returns
[20:35] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:35] <bradstewart> lol
[20:35] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:35] <Cokemaster> Well
[20:35] <tonyhughes> !voice jamman2110
[20:35] * geekbot sets mode: +v JAMMAN2110
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> i did what now?
[20:35] <Cokemaster> Lets see if we can beat the record
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> lol
[20:36] <Cokemaster> 2597 lines
[20:36] <bradstewart> what record?
[20:36] <tonyhughes> do the stats get ftp'd to your server cokemaster?
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> not if i beat you first
[20:36] <Cokemaster> We are currently on 1286
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Yes, tonyhughes
[20:36] <tonyhughes> !ircstats nokiarocks
[20:36] <bradstewart> when was previous record set?
[20:36] <Cokemaster> They generate to a html program
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> ha!
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Previous was set on the 4th
[20:36] <tonyhughes> sweet
[20:36] <Cokemaster> Oops
[20:37] <tonyhughes> no nick required for self
[20:37] <Cokemaster> they go to a html file and depending on which stats program I use... the bot then runs a ftp script
[20:37] <GZNeoTech> JAMMAN the "unknown" thing on trademe was what I thought it was $20.25
[20:37] <tonyhughes> ah ha
[20:37] <bradstewart> intellebot?
[20:37] <NokiaRocks> i take it, it doesnt count lines starting with ! ?
[20:37] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:37] <JAMMAN2110> neo, you get it?
[20:37] <Cokemaster> I don't think
[20:37] <tonyhughes> nope
[20:37] <GZNeoTech> heck no JAMMAN
[20:37] <Cokemaster> mIRCstats is more advanced but its the shareware version
[20:38] <Cokemaster> And thus has many features disabled
[20:38] <bradstewart> whats the "unknown" thing
[20:38] <NokiaRocks> a bong
[20:38] <JAMMAN2110> lol @ neo
[20:38] <Cokemaster> The other is ok but a lot of it is hardcoded
[20:38] <GZNeoTech>
[20:38] <Cokemaster> Don't have access to the source :(
[20:39] <GZNeoTech> source in the fridge?
[20:39] <Cokemaster> No
[20:39] <GZNeoTech> bummer
[20:39] <Cokemaster> Sourcecode
[20:39] <Cokemaster> For the stats program
[20:39] <NokiaRocks> mmmm tomato sauce
[20:39] * GZNeoTech slaps Cokemaster around a bit with a large errr.. geek?
[20:39] <GZNeoTech> duh
[20:39] <GZNeoTech> I um.. know what you're talking about
[20:39] <tonyhughes> oh now come on
[20:39] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:39] <GZNeoTech> oooooohhh
[20:40] <NokiaRocks> lol
[20:40] <tonyhughes> i will be posting chat log 8pm till 9pm lol
[20:40] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:40] <Cokemaster> Ok
[20:40] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:41] <GZNeoTech> there's always sauce code
[20:41] <NokiaRocks> lol
[20:41] <GZNeoTech> 10 tomatoes
[20:41] <GZNeoTech> 2 shkes of pepper
[20:41] <NokiaRocks> anyone know any good recipes?
[20:41] <tonyhughes> for bombs?
[20:41] <GZNeoTech> other spices to taste
[20:41] <tonyhughes> or curry
[20:41] <NokiaRocks> either or
[20:42] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:42] <bradstewart> !voice gzneotech
[20:42] * geekbot sets mode: +v GZNeoTech
[20:42] <bradstewart> so whats geeky?
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> shh
[20:43] * NokiaRocks is now known as NokiaRocks{Away}
[20:43] <bradstewart> moment of silence?
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> or two
[20:43] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> how about a remote control to control the kids to pick up the remote control for the TV?
[20:43] <Cokemaster> Hhe
[20:43] <Fraktul> nutmeg
[20:43] <Cokemaster> So
[20:44] <Fraktul> in large quantities
[20:44] <Cokemaster> What other major topics were on the forum?
[20:44] <bradstewart> cars, orcons new plan
[20:44] <tonyhughes> geek rides
[20:44] <tonyhughes> what you drivin willis?
[20:44] <bradstewart> teched 06
[20:44] <GZNeoTech> need sustenance.. brb
[20:45] <Cokemaster> The woosh outage?
[20:45] <tonyhughes> lots of adsl micro outages at the moment
[20:45] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:45] <GZNeoTech> teched would require another mortgage
[20:45] <tonyhughes> plus a few big ones
[20:46] <bradstewart> yeah its starting to annoy me a little
[20:46] <Cokemaster> Orcon had an outage too
[20:46] <tonyhughes> between that and my dodgy router, i can stay on the net for more than an hour
[20:46] <Cokemaster> Affected all their customers
[20:46] <tonyhughes> always on internet my @ss
[20:46] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:46] <bradstewart> whys is the internet on your ass?\
[20:46] <bradstewart> some kind of implant?
[20:46] <Cokemaster> Because he said so
[20:46] <GZNeoTech> ouch
[20:47] <GZNeoTech> Telecom
[20:47] <tonyhughes> my partner is a Telecom employee lol
[20:47] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:47] <GZNeoTech> worked for them for 8 years
[20:47] <tonyhughes> she gave me the router to give away
[20:47] <bradstewart> hooked u up u could say
[20:48] <Cokemaster> Friends in high places
[20:48] <JAMMAN2110> no comment
[20:48] <tonyhughes> in more ways than one
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> ;)
[20:48] <Fraktul> stolen goods!
[20:48] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> dlink is it?
[20:48] <tonyhughes> yup
[20:48] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> booby prize then?
[20:48] <tonyhughes> 504G
[20:48] <bradstewart> dlink is of the highest quality
[20:48] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:48] <Cokemaster> So whats happened with these 1 year terms for ADSL?
[20:48] <tonyhughes> dlink is my dodgy router
[20:48] <tonyhughes> might do a swapsies
[20:49] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:49] <bradstewart> i got a belkin always off router
[20:49] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:49] <Cokemaster> OH
[20:49] <Cokemaster> I know
[20:49] <Cokemaster> Econet complaining to the CC
[20:49] <Cokemaster> Opinions
[20:49] <GZNeoTech> nuts
[20:49] <bradstewart> try transferring files over the wireless and it kills the router
[20:49] <Fraktul> i have an asus adsl pci card, it work well but its a pain not having a router
[20:49] <Cokemaster> They don't even have a network here in NZ and they have the balls to complain about Vodafone?
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> stupidity
[20:50] <bradstewart> its pathetic at best
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> cheap
[20:50] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:50] <riahon> trouble is if you ignorantly listen to tex he sounds plausible
[20:50] <riahon> much like annette
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> lol..
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> hmmm
[20:50] <JAMMAN2110> TG
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> yup
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> TG will be looking for a job soon they say
[20:50] <Cokemaster> Its just vaporware :-/
[20:50] <Cokemaster> Yeah
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> hardly surprising
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Hmmm
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Did one see the Sunday programme?
[20:51] <Fraktul> heh with what she gets pain she does not need to look for a job any time soon
[20:51] <GZNeoTech> I believe it was on
[20:51] <Fraktul> paid
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> i may of ... bad memory
[20:51] <Cokemaster> You could download it ;)
[20:51] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:51] <GZNeoTech> I'm sure you could!
[20:51] <Fraktul> damit typing via two vnc sessions is leading to many typos and much lag
[20:52] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:52] <riahon> had to laugh when u realise that sunday show was sponsored by telstraclear
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:52] <Cokemaster> But they trashtalked telstra didn't they?
[20:52] <bradstewart> or the campbell live show on LLU sponsered by telecom
[20:52] <riahon> campbell trashed talked telecom
[20:52] <Cokemaster> Yep
[20:52] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:53] 3*** Joins : teh (*!*
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Good sponsorship
[20:53] <riahon> that was funny and they are still sponsored by them
[20:53] <teh> !status
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:53] <Fraktul> well withdrawing would look worse for them
[20:53] <teh> status
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:53] <riahon> true
[20:53] <Cokemaster> Well
[20:53] <teh> oo
[20:53] <teh> how the hell
[20:53] <Cokemaster> They aren't going anywhere too soon
[20:53] <Fraktul> would hardly indictae they support impartial journalism
[20:54] * teh is now known as Guest58950
[20:54] <Fraktul> hmm brb
[20:54] <riahon> if i was telecom hell i would pull any sponsoring on the spot!! but then i'm petty
[20:54] <Cokemaster> heh
[20:54] <Cokemaster> Its fair enough too
[20:54] <Cokemaster> But
[20:54] * Guest58950 ( Quit (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:54] <bradstewart> yeah i reckon
[20:54] <Cokemaster> Its one of the dangers when you sponsor news shows
[20:55] <bradstewart> campbell live isnt a news show
[20:55] <Cokemaster> Well
[20:55] <Cokemaster> They discuss current events
[20:55] <bradstewart> and its not impartial either
[20:55] <Cokemaster> Like Fox!
[20:55] <bradstewart> its john campbells take on things
[20:55] <riahon> no media is impartial
[20:55] <bradstewart> hahaha foc news lol
[20:55] <Cokemaster> CCTV is fair!! They said so!
[20:55] <bradstewart> fox news always give you both views: the presidents views and the vice presidents views
[20:55] <riahon> what is cctv?
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> closed circuit TV
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Central China TV
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> same thing
[20:56] <riahon> lol bradstewart
[20:56] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Indeed
[20:56] <riahon> closed conscience tv perhaps
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> the same
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Strangely enough with CCTV, they have no problem rubbishing Taiwan or Japan... but not the other way around
[20:57] <bradstewart> well because thats allowed
[20:57] <GZNeoTech> that's hardly surprising
[20:57] * tonyhughes-away is now known as tonyhughes
[20:57] * tonyhughes returns.... 
[20:57] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:57] <bradstewart> official china policy, diss but dont get dissed
[20:57] <GZNeoTech> wb Tony
[20:57] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:57] <Cokemaster> Well
[20:57] <GZNeoTech> true Brad
[20:57] <tonyhughes> ta
[20:58] <GZNeoTech> what are we eating Tony?
[20:58] <bradstewart> getting dissed is almost worth a declaration or war
[20:58] <tonyhughes> yoghurt
[20:58] <GZNeoTech> yup.. ask the Taiwanese
[20:58] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:58] <tonyhughes> was denied on cheese toasties
[20:58] <GZNeoTech> enough to go around Tony?
[20:58] <tonyhughes> :-(
[20:58] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:58] <bradstewart> awwwww poor tony
[20:58] * bradstewart gives tony a hug (and steals his wallet)
[20:58] <Cokemaster> Anyone heard about techremarks going down?
[20:58] <GZNeoTech> heard about it..
[20:59] <tonyhughes> yeah just on GZ tho
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> i need to start apying attention
[20:59] <tonyhughes> back up yet>?
[20:59] <GZNeoTech> nup
[20:59] <GZNeoTech> not last time I checked
[20:59] <Cokemaster> lol