After the purchase of a new Nokia 6234 (amazing device) I thought about a data cable, Original data cables for it are $99 from Vodafone shops (nokia nasty pricing), Chargers are $29.00 (good price) and I forget how much orginal batteries were but it wasn't overly Excessive.

I stumbled upon a pile of Parallel imported shops (NOT etown or the official PI) and was scared away permanently.

They had cheap non-original data cables............ at $45!
Car chargers FROM $19, spotted at the $2 shop for.... $2.
Batteries, FROM $35, soem were more than the $50 i spotted for ORIGINALS at the offical Vodafone stores.
Now I spotted the Mobilefonerepair stickers on a few, meaning they are SECONDHAND! or possibly grade-2
Phone prices? Well considering they get them much cheaper from some of the dodgy places they source them through, the margins must be HUGE! Vodafone retail/Digital mobile/First mobile/DS Wireless are often cheaper....

I asked about just relacing a display for a E770V (low-end 3g phone) and was quoted $150!!!!! I would only imagine they would just strip a display from one of the many stuffed phones they must have boxes of "out back" and it would hardly be a a professional job.

Mobilefonerepair quoted the same job as about $125

And they were just plain rude. really arrogant.

AVOID.... imagine if the phone goes belly up in 6 months time..... Also,,, some have been known to sell stolen handsets, blacklisted in their home countries,