Hello, first time poster, hope this is the right part of the forum.

I am considering changing my isp to telstraclear because of the warpspeed service they offer. The main/sole reason to do this is because of problems streaming bbc iplayer. 

Our current setup is using strongvpn to vpn our location to london, UK. On our current vodafone naked broadband we have intermittent success. Some days we can watch a show with no issues, others it has to rebuffer every 20 seconds.
In essence it seems just a tiny bit too slow.

Does anyone have any experience of watching the bbc stream on a warpspeed plan. It is a big finiancial commitment to switch across if it will be of no benefit. 

I fully understand that clearly the warpseed service is of UFB speed. But i also am mindful that data from the UK has to come a long way to get to NZ. Thus, i'm unsure if it would get any better at all. Is the holy grail of streaming from the UK just too much to ask in NZ? However, I seem to remember Paul Spain talking about his new UFB service on NZ Tech Podcast. I think he said he found he could get faster data from the US with a VPN service, suggesting perhaps our local ISP speed may be a bottleneck in the system.

I'd be made up if anyone could help.

Cheers in advance! Adam