Our Zimbra mail server started sending me endless rejection emails starting at 1700 today.  I am aware there was a problem on Thurs with xnet smtp being listed as sending spam however I am getting this message when relaying outgoing mail via smtp.xnet.co.nz

host smtp.xnet.co.nz[58.28.my.ip] said: 554
    5.7.1 <ip-58-28-my-ip.static-xdsl.xnet.co.nz[58.28.my.ip]>: Client host
    rejected: Sender blocked - You appear to be sending SPAM (in reply to RCPT
    TO command)

I checked our server and no relaying or sending of spam I could find.  I also did a mail server check and no errors shown except for the usual reverse DNS record error as standard due to the xnet not offering reverse DNS records for static ips.

Did a check online for our ip being black listed and showed 2 flags out 50-60 databases both seem to relate to reverse DNS errors.  Have been aware of this for years hence our relaying outgoing via Xnet smtp server.

So something updated at 1700 Saturday and all of a sudden xnet smtp is rejecting our outgoing mail.  I reverted to sending outgoing direct which is working fine for the moment but not ideal.

Anyone else having trouble with using smtp.xnet.co.nz for mail server outgoing relay?  Something changed today at 1700 and it would appear to be on the xnet smtp server.

I tried ringing CS but they close 1600 Sat and reopen Monday so left a message.

Hope an update was not done whilst CS had gone home :)