After some issues with Telstra lines and PBXs' with the SPA3102 we have made some changes.
Details below:

I have created new configs for theSPA3102. I have unlocked all the PSTN settings and the International settings so you can change them to get it working with the Telstra line.

To get it working you will need to do a factory reset on the unit. lift handset, dial **** to get into the menu and then dial reset (73738) and press the # key then press 1 to confirm action and hang up. Once it's been defaulted you will need to put the provisioning link back into the Profile_Rule under voice -> provisioning. You need to be admin and in advanced mode to get to this option.

The profile_Rule is:$MA.cfg

Once you have that in and have saved the changes power cycle the SPA so it goes and gets the new config. Once it's done that it will get another config and then register. If you log back into the SPA3102 and go to advanced mode then voice -> PSTN Line you should now see 2 new sections which are:
PSTN Disconnect Detection
International Control

This will allow you to change the settings for connecting to the PSTN to suit what ever you happen to have it plugged into.

Hope this helps.

Stephen Miles
WorldxChange Communications