Get the My Vodafone App

It's the easiest and most convenient way to keep track of your plan, your usage and top up - all in one place. You can even use the App to pay someone else’s account if you need to.

If you don't already have the App installed, you can get the My Vodafone App from iTunes for iOS devices - For Android, you can get the My Vodafone App directly from Google Play.  

Top up with a TXT

If you want to top up by using a TXT message, register your payment card with us first - in My Vodafone. Then you can simply send a TXT message containing "TMU 30" to 867 to top up by $30  

Pay online with a Credit card or Debit card

Top up your Prepay now by credit card
or debit card - online. It's quick, easy and secure and you don't have to register for My Vodafone.  


You can top up on Facebook with your credit or debit card while you're checking in with friends and family.   There are more ways to top up - you can find them all on the Vodafone website.