Just purchased the above device today and wanted to share my experience setting it up for the benefit of others.

I wanted to use a Telecom SIM card as they have better coverage where I am staying (and I wanted to take advantage of the fact this device supports both 850 and 900mhz 3G bands as well as 2100mhz so will work equally well on both networks).



  1. Open control panel at and log in with default password 'admin'
  2. Choose 'Mobile Broadband' then 'Connection' from the menu at top
  3. Set as follows:


    • Account type: Custom
    • IP Type: IPv4
    • IPv4 APN: internet.telecom.co.nz (or APN of your choice)
    • IPv4 Number: *99#    (this is your dial up phone number)
  4. Leave all other settings as blank/default, hit save and it should connect.
Other useful info including advanced manual can be found at 



Hope this is of some help.