Hi, was wondering if there are still plans to develop a cut down version of VFX, that would be compatible with a much larger hardware range and soft phones. This could just be SIP/URL based, rather than have a local number attached. An example of what I mean:
A small / home business who already have VFX, want to make low cost & free local calls when they are traveling etc. Rather than have to take their gear with them, it's more convenient to use a soft-phone or a WIFI phone etc. Also, being able to divert their VFX number to their "VFX Lite" service, would be useful too.
This could be achieved by using an Asterisk box of course (especially when this is officially supported), but for some that is a bit complicated and overkill. I guess I'm looking for something like the low-cost Betamax VOIP services, but with increased quality, reliability and closer to home.