I am looking for a SMS provider in NZ for sending texts for my customers.  I sell web app software they run, and at times need to communicate with their customers at short notice, SMS being the obvious solution.

The most appealing solution I have found is the Vodafone MultiTXT which has an HTTP API -fantastic.  What I am unsure is if I am able to use their service, or rather my clients can.  Obviously I would run the multitxt account, but my customers would use the application to send these texts out for late changes etc.  This would not be a medium for advertising.

So I have ready the TOS and saw this one

(a) the distribution of messages to third parties where such distribution can be considered as an information service or where
the customer could be considered a content provider as that term is understood in relation to websites on the Internet;

I am trying to understand what the heck it means, and if this product is a valid solution for what I need.

Has anyone used this service before with the API?  There are no indications of API restrictions, are there any?  Hoping to get feedback from customers using it and of course if the awesome Vfone staff have some info.