Hi all,


I set-up a Foscam camera all OK (connected to network, configured etc) and then physically moved it to the new location and plugged it in.  I was unable to connect to it.


After huge amount of checking I plugged the camera into the back of the MP264 - LAN2 and it has a red X by the side of it.


I checked all the settings of the MP264 to see if I had a reservation, MAC block etc but I still cant connect to the camera.  I dont know what the red X means.


I cant ping the device, connect to it, its not visible on the network.  


Any ideas what the red X means, is the MP264 'blocking' the camera or the camera playing up..I've tried hard resetting the camera several times and not sure if it is actually resetting (I'm asking Foscam support at the moment)


I also noticed red X against other devices but they are working fine


Any ideas?


Click to see full size




Many thanks