For a while now I've notcied there have been ping problems to Australia during peak times.
I believe this is being caused by an Optus router between and the rest of Australia.
This is the one that I think is causing the problems: []
The issue only happens during peak hours, the pings are fine during off peak hours.
I've seen that the Internode TF2 servers now route through Asianetcom instead of the Alter link, presumably to avoid the dodgy Optus router and keep pings stable.

Thought it'd be a good idea for people to post the game servers they play on in Australia that are having problems due to this router, so Xnet can route traffic to them over the Asianetcom link instead.

I'll start: The Sony Australia servers.
They have a bunch of different IPs, I don't know the whole range, but the Resistance: Fall of Man servers appear to be on and

If anyone else plays on servers in Australia which seem to have bad ping spikes during ping time, do some traceroutes to them while you're having probles. If all pings from [] onwards jump up, it's likely causing the problems.
Post the servers IP address here, so Xnet staff can help us all have better gaming experiences during peak times. Smile