Hi everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong forum category.


I think I've found a routing issue affecting both Vodafone and Vocus in Christchurch.




I noticed some issues connecting to my friend. (I'm on Orcon fibre via Enable, hes on Vodafone VDSL). We live ~10km from each other.


We were playing some old Call of Duty yesterday and noticed his ping to me was consistently over 80ms - usually its 20-30ms.


This result is consistent from both ends when running a traceroute so it isn't just the game.




Through doing some testing on Speedtest we think we have both identified a major connection issue occurring between Vodafone and Vocus.


I have attached an image showing test results, it is pretty clear there is something wrong. Sorry that the quality is pretty bad, I haven't made enough posts to post links directly to the relevant speedtests.


Click to see full size




I wasn't sure whether to post here or directly on the Vodafone Community, so hopefully someone spots this post and passes the info onto relevant technical staff.