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I'm having an issue, which I believe may be related to an upstream provider issue. It is impacting me on Vodafone (fibre, mobile) connections, in Wellington at least. Not sure if it's impacting others - if it's an upstream provider issue, quite possibly?




I've been trying to do some learning on my work's LMS, which is based in Australia. I have recently started receiving a real degradation in services, slow/low download/upload speeds to it, and mixed levels of latency. I have been experiencing this since Friday, although have been on leave for 2 weeks, so could have started at any stage during that time.
If I VPN into Australia, I get download speeds of 5MB/sec from the site, however if I access it via Vodafone (Fibre, or mobile in Wellington) I'm getting download speeds from the site of 10KB/sec.
I have some Auckland colleagues who report their connections speeds are fine, so thinking it is maybe isolated to Wellington and/or Vodafone. I don't know my colleague's ISP. Perhaps it is an upstream provider issue? In which case, how can it get sorted?
The site I'm accessing is: https://ecampus.allianz.com.au/
The site is hosted in Sydney, through an at&t data center. I would be most interested in any assistance you can provide especially if it is an upstream provider issue.




I have logged this with Vodafone as well as work, but would be interested if any of the experts here can provide some guidance, as to whether it's a problem with a peering exchange, impacting those on others ISPs too, or how to figure out where the issue might be, and most importantly, how to fix it!?!