I work from a home office in the Cashmere Hills of Christchurch. Mobile reception through Vodafone has never been that good, but has got markedly worse in the last few weeks with calls being constantly dropped and me sounding like a bad mobile add - "Can you hear me now?".


It finally got so bad that I called Vodafone today and they told me that they have been playing with the transmitters to improve the signal for data for some people that have been complaining. They said the work would be finished soon, but made no commitment to return things to how they were previously and did not give a date of when the work would be finished. I was simply advised to try to use 4G as that should be more reliable - actually getting 4G reception where I am would be nice as I can only get it from the end of my driveway and not in the house. 


Has anyone else been having problems with Vodafone mobile reception in the area? Any advice on dealing with Vodafone?