Hi all.


Has anybody experienced the issue where VF had to add the APN back onto the mobile number for data connectivity to be restored? Both persons answering the phone stated that they had to add the APN back onto that number. It was a configuration issue with VF, not the handset.




Things to note


  • This is a corporate account
  • The handset has the correct APN configured: "vodafone"
  • Any app requiring internet connectivity fails
  • Can't check for a firmware update
  • Mobile data is enabled
  • Only a cellphone signal strength indicator is displayed in the status bar. It does not show H+, 3G or 4G
  • Apps function correctly when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Resetting the network settings does not resolve the issue
  • The problem moves with the SIM card to another phone
  • Placing another Vodafone or Spark SIM card into the original phone allows data connectivity without any other configuration required
  • All PlayStore apps are up to date
  • This happened to iOS & Android devices

I have a ticket open with Vodafone Corporate helpdesk to investigate why these mobiles loose their data connectivity, but was wondering if anybody else experienced the same issue.