So I know Vodafone doesn't currently have a PC web app for streaming Vodafone TV, but I had hoped to be able to sync the stream off of my Samsung S10 via the Samsung Flow app. 


Interestingly, it connects and syncs but none of the images display (see the attached images. Image #1 shows the sync view as I connect to the cricket tonight & Image #2 is the blank screen where my phone displays the stream correctly!). I was initially thinking (in my uneducated way) that is was a resolution issue (i.e. the amount data etc.) but that really doesn't seem to be the problem. 


And to add a) sound is coming through the PC (i.e. is syncing correctly) and b) The streaming via the Samsung Flow app works correctly for YouTube etc.


Any ideas? More over - to save me fluffing about - does anyone know if Vodafone plans on providing a web app (Like Sky Go has!!)






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