I wonder when VFNZ will improve their Mobile TV offering - recently in Australia I used Foxtel on NextG (telstra) and they had a much larger choice of channels and more importantly news content was either live or more frequently updated than that which I have seen on the VFNZ Prime News channel.

I won't list all the channels here but you can see what I mean about the poor comparison between NZ and Aust when you look at the following links:



http://www.vodafone.com.au/personal/live/mobiletv/index.htm (even VFAU has a much better TV offering than NZ).

I used the Telstra Foxtel to watch the NZ Election results unfold and not once did the connection drop out - despite 3 tram trips etc... It was a great service and marvellous to see live news TV on a service which proved very reliable.