Just thought to check my remaining data allocation as I've dragged the Vodem into work (where it actually gets some reception) to pillage the remaining bandwidth before I cancel it, and it would appear that Vodafone have changed my 7GB data plan to a 3GB data plan without A) telling me or B) Reducing the charges (although I think their current 3GB plan is the same price as my 7GB one should be anyway)

Will need to check the usage tomorrow as I've been grabbing a few fairly large files. If it's gone over the new 3GB limit and I have to argue the fact, I shall not be amused.

I've got the ridiculous 7GB plan because at the time it was the cheapest option for basic internet connection into our office. About 2 weeks after we got it Telstra suddenly made a significantly better option available, and despite the fact I'd asked for the "No Term" plan for the Vodem, they decided to put me on the 24-month term instead, so I've now got to pay a $250 termination fee after trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to make the thing useful for other purposes.

In the unlikely event anyone else is on this plan, you may want to check.