Let me start off by saying that I’m NOT complaining about xnets overall service and speeds. I’ve been with xnet for a couple of years now, since their high starting point to the “so called” lows everyone else seem to have problems with. Personally, I’ve read all about people complaining but I’m not one of them. I’m pleased with on-peak my speeds (~3Mbs download & ~700Kbs upload), but it’s my off-peak speeds that seems to have dropped off since the beginning of the month.

Last week, my off-peak speeds could get up to 150KBs (even got 1MBs once last year – that was awesome Laughing), but since April began my off-peak speeds seem to get to 30KBs max. I’ve tested on-peak vs. off-peak and it’s definitely off-peak that’s affected.

Can anyone shed some light on this? It’s almost like the off-peak speeds have been throttled since April began.


NOTE: I don’t want people posting about their poor service or overall slow speeds etc. There are plenty of those types of threads already.