Hi There!

After weeks of looking at the discussion about the 3GB Addons, I decided to find out what the deal with my data plan was. I in Sept 2010 signed a 2 year contract for 200MB of data and had hoped I might be eligible for the 3GB addon till the end of my plan, but alas because I am on a corporate plan, this doesn't apply to me. I called 888 and spoke to a nice lady and explained I was getting through my 200MB quite quickly each month, and pointed out that same plan had been superceeded by a plan offering 512MB for the same value. She promptly offered to upgrade me for free, and ALSO credited my outstanding remaining data onto the partially allocated amount as a percentage of my billing period remaining. I now have 336MB of data to get me by until my billing cycle ends.

Well done VF, you have really impressed me lately!