Damn easy - I installed my first ever wireless router last night and as a non techy, or geek for that matter, it went perfect.  i reckon 3mins to install and that included signing up at www.tomizone.com as a new subscriber.  I thought is was to be a 1 to 2 hour nightmare... nope...

I am so inspired I thought I would let everyone know! Crickey why would you not do this Tomizone thing if you were gona put in a wireless router at home (or business for that matter)... I gota pay for the router etc anyway and if someone wants to come and pay me to use it good on them i say. PLease to assist.  chik CHING !

It will be a pleasure to be of service..... and take the cash.

Imagine one day the whole of NZ could be blanketed in a haze of Tomizone wifi access RF - then truckies, mums and dads, and even the porn fanatics can get web access where ever they go... so long telcom and vodafone mobile data plans.... hey I love U guys really but I like wifi too - especially if i know that what i spend is going to help out someones home budget. Share the wealth I say....

Good on ya TomiZone - O for Awesome

Now where can i get cheap arials from - damn no spell check that I can see on this geekzone thing... or is that how you spell arials?

never mind - this is my first ever post - I might be back, I might not.... theres more to life than sitting at a PC :-)