Hoping I can get some help on this one. Tried the good old google but cant find exactly what I'm looking for and some of the scripting is way over my head.




So we deploy a fair number of EFTPOS Terminals into events. WiFi versions, Fixed Line versions, 3G mobile versions etc. Mostly running cash-out lanes, vendors, food trucks,stall-holders etc. Generally not a problem as most of the bigger events there's sufficient mobile network capacity to deal with the thousands of people.


However, as we've had to do in the past with events is deploy a mixture of mobile terminals on Spark and Vodafone. Most of the time one group of merchants will struggle and the others won't. Reason being that one mobile network ultimately lands up full to capacity especially if its a big event in the middle of nowhere or in a town that has minimal capacity. This is really a big issue in Oakune during ski-season which is why Spark heads out there with a Comms Truck to provide additional capacity.




The plan is this. One RB411U Routerboard with a Sierra 3G Card and linked to a Spark SIM. In addition to that a Vodafone USB 3G Modem. Perfect. Now what I need is to configure the unit to do the following:




Issue IP Addresses to the EFTPOS Terminals on Eth01 (Done)


Create a PPP-Client for the Sierra 3G Card (Done)


Create a PPP-Client for the Vodafone 3G USB Modem (Done)




Configure the Router to pass traffic through either the Spark Route or the Vodafone Route based on which is:


a) connected (no point pinging away on he Voda link if theres no signal)


b) direct traffic over the link with the "best/stable" connection




Sounds simple enough to me. Would appreciate any feedback; if anyone has actually done one of these and is happy to share the configuration/script required to do so. Otherwise if there's a business specialising in this type of work I could contract to do the configuration/scripting for me.