We are moving to a new house.


Currently the local broadband wireless service is connected. That provides 25Mbps down and 10 (possibly 15 subject to availability) Mbps up. Cost would be $125/month for 500GB.




Vodafone offer 4G broadband at that address and told me that speeds are 40Mbps down and 25Mbps up. A 600GB plan is $82/month.




Note - whilst the data might look like a lot, I work from home all the time and my wife currently 3 days a week, plus Netflix, alarm monitoring, IOT devices etc so generous for those reasons)




On the face of it, the VF 4G option is the best value. However, I am unsure how to rate them in terms of reliability of service, reliability of speed etc. The local wireless is line of site to their tower, used only for that purpose, so presumably a steady signal most of the time, whereas the 4G service is obviously subject to the usual vagaries of 4G in terms of tower capacity and so forth - albeit from a stationary connection.




Many people here know far more about this than I do, so I was wondering if there was a view as to which option was the best in the round rather than as a simple price/speed comparison.