Hey all

I've noticed there's at least 2-3 standards or formats that some devices use for dial plans.

Example Linksys/Cisco support say 0900! (this blocks 0900 numbers), there's also the XML standard which some trix-like-boxs use and then another standard my modem/router with SIP relies on, mines the NetComm NF4V (don't worry about the Genius Orcon part, I can edit the dial plan and blocking 0900 works on x-lite using the same Orcon SIP line).

My modem doesn't support XML nor 0900! or say 111S0 or 111S1 (send digits asap with timer if dialling 111) or @gw1 (if you have a 2nd sip service active on port2 or similar). Also tried Biddle's (very awesome thread) about NZ linksys dial plan, that isn't supported on my device.

Anyone got any ideas about this other format and it's name?

I'm trying to pull off all calls out first have 0197 in front of it (block caller ID), permit only 021 numbers, 0800, auckland/northland 09[2-9]xxxxxx. Anything else should be not possible to dial to avoid a phone bill.

The dial plan currently is at the default of the below


If i add 0900! i get "digitmap syntax error!"