Hi there, hopefully someone can help me. I have a dual set of Philips VOIP321 phones.

Everything was working fine until my old DLink DSL-G604T modem died. I replaced it with a Generation ll of the same model but now my Skype phones don't work. Whenever they have batteries in them they bleep and ring this really annoying musical do something type tone.

I've tried leaving the batteries out for 24 hours but it starts up again as soon as they got back in.

I've tried holding the button down on the modem itself to try and re-pair them, but that does nothing.

I rang the Philips Helpdesk, but because it is anniversary day in Auckland there is noone there.

I suspect I need to do a hard reset on the phones and that it is probably something to do with the DLink Router's 802.11 frequency, but I can't find anything on the manuals or on the net to tell me how to do a hard reset and there is no reset hole in any obvious location.

Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me how I can do a hard reset on the phones.